Meaning of SAW in English

/ sɔː; NAmE / noun , verb

—see also see verb

■ noun


(often in compounds) a tool that has a long blade with sharp points (called teeth ) along one of its edges. A saw is moved backwards and forwards by hand or driven by electricity and is used for cutting wood or metal.

—see also chainsaw , circular saw , fretsaw , hacksaw , handsaw , jigsaw


( old-fashioned ) a short phrase or sentence that states a general truth about life or gives advice

■ verb ( sawed , sawn / sɔːn; NAmE /) ( NAmE also sawed , sawed )


to use a saw to cut sth :

[ v ]

The workmen sawed and hammered all day.

He accidentally sawed through a cable.

[ vn ]

She sawed the plank in half.


saw (away) (at sth) to move sth backwards and forwards on sth as if using a saw :

[ v ]

She sawed away at her violin.

He was sawing energetically at a loaf of bread.

[also vn ]


- saw sth down

- saw sth off | saw sth off sth

- saw sth up (into sth)



noun sense 1 and verb Old English saga , of Germanic origin; related to Dutch zaag .

noun sense 2 Old English sagu a saying, speech , of Germanic origin; related to German Sage , also to say and saga .

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