Meaning of SEMI- in English


[semi-] prefix [ME, fr. L; akin to OHG sami- half, Gk hemi-] 1 a: precisely half of: (1): forming a bisection of "semidiameter" (2): being a usu. vertically bisected form of (a specified architectural feature) "semidome" b: half in quantity or value: half of or occurring halfway through a specified period of time "semiannual" "semimonthly"--compare bi-

2: to some extent: partly: incompletely "semicivilized" "semi-independent" "semidry"--compare demi-, hemi- 3 a: partial: incomplete "semiconsciousness" "semidarkness" b: having some of the characteristics of "semiporcelain" c: quasi- "semigovernmental" "semimonastic"

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