Meaning of SHAFT in English


[shaft] n, pl shafts [ME, fr. OE sceaft; akin to OHG scaft shaft, L scapus shaft, stalk, Gk skeptesthai to prop oneself, lean] (bef. 12c) 1 a (1): the long handle of a spear or similar weapon (2): spear, lance b or pl shaves : pole; specif: either of two long pieces of wood between which a horse is hitched to a vehicle c (1): an arrow esp. for a longbow (2): the body or stem of an arrow extending from the nock to the head

2: a sharply delineated beam of light shining through an opening

3: something suggestive of the shaft of a spear or arrow esp. in long slender cylindrical form: as a: the trunk of a tree b: the cylindrical pillar between the capital and the base c: the handle of a tool or instrument (as a golf club) d: a commonly cylindrical bar used to support rotating pieces or to transmit power or motion by rotation e: the stem or central axis of a feather f: the upright member of a cross esp. below the arms g: a small architectural column (as at each side of a doorway) h: a column, obelisk, or other spire-shaped or columnar monument i: a vertical or inclined opening of uniform and limited cross section made for finding or mining ore, raising water, or ventilating underground workings (as in a cave) j: a vertical opening or passage through the floors of a building

4. a: a projectile thrown like a spear or shot like an arrow b: a scornful, satirical, or pithily critical remark or attack c: harsh or unfair treatment--usu. used with the

[2]shaft vt (1611) 1: to fit with a shaft

2: to treat unfairly or harshly

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