Meaning of SHAFT in English


n. 1 pole, rod, staff, stick, stem, shank, handle, helve; pillar, column, post, stanchion, upright The shaft of the harpoon splintered as the whale suddenly plunged downwards These shafts help support the upper storey. 2 beam, ray, gleam, streak, pencil At exactly noon on the winter solstice a shaft of light struck the altar at the centre of the stone circle 3 thrust, barb, sting, dart, gibe or jibe, barb, Colloq slap (in the face), knock, put-down After the episode in the restaurant, Barbara had to suffer the shafts of her colleagues and their teasing 4 mine-shaft, tunnel, adit, well, pit; air-shaft, duct, flue How many men went down the shaft in the first shift? The screen over the ventilating shaft must be kept clean

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