Meaning of SNUG in English


[snug] vb snugged ; snug.ging [

[2]snug] vi (1583): snuggle ~ vt 1: to cause to fit closely

2: to make snug

3: hide

4: to secure by fastening or lashing down

[2]snug adj snug.ger ; snug.gest [perh. of Scand origin; akin to Sw snygg tidy] (ca. 1595) 1 a of a ship: manifesting seaworthiness: taut b: trim, neat c: fitting closely and comfortably "a ~ coat"

2. a: enjoying or affording warm secure shelter or cover and opportunity for ease and contentment b: marked by cordiality and secure privacy

3: affording a degree of comfort and ease

4: offering safe concealment "a ~ hideout" syn see comfortable -- snug adv -- adv -- snug.ness n [3]snug n [short for snuggery] (1860) Brit: a small private room or compartment in a pub

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