Meaning of STREAM in English


[stream] n [ME streme, fr. OE stream; akin to OHG stroum stream, Gk rhein to flow] (bef. 12c) 1: a body of running water (as a river or brook) flowing on the earth; also: any body of flowing fluid (as water or gas)

2. a: a steady succession (as of words or events) "kept up an endless ~ of chatter" b: a constantly renewed supply c: a continuous moving procession "a ~ of traffic"

3: an unbroken flow (as of gas or particles of matter)

4: a ray of light

5. a: a prevailing attitude or group "has always run against the ~ of current fashion" b: a dominant influence or line of development

6. Brit: track 3c

[2]stream vi (13c) 1 a: to flow in or as if in a stream b: to leave a bright trail "a meteor ~ed through the sky"

2. a: to exude a bodily fluid profusely "her eyes were ~ing" b: to become wet with a discharge of bodily fluid "~ing with perspiration"

3: to trail out at full length "her hair ~ing back as she ran"

4: to pour in large numbers "complaints came ~ing in" ~ vt 1: to emit freely or in a stream "his eyes ~ed tears"

2: to display (as a flag) by waving

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