Meaning of STREAM in English

/ striːm; NAmE / noun , verb

■ noun


a small narrow river :

mountain streams

—see also downstream , upstream , the Gulf Stream


stream (of sth) a continuous flow of liquid or gas :

A stream of blood flowed from the wound.

—see also bloodstream


stream (of sth/sb) a continuous flow of people or vehicles :

I've had a steady stream of visitors.

Cars filed past in an endless stream.


stream of sth a large number of things that happen one after the other :

a constant stream of enquiries

The agency provided me with a steady stream of work.


( especially BrE ) a group in which students of the same age and level of ability are placed in some schools :

She was put into the fast stream.


- be / come on stream

■ verb


stream (from sth) | stream (with sth) ( of liquid or gas ) to move or pour out in a continuous flow; to produce a continuous flow of liquid or gas :

[ v ]

Tears streamed down his face.

a streaming cold (= with a lot of liquid coming from the nose)

Blood was streaming from her head.

Her head was streaming with blood.

[ v , vn ]

Black smoke streamed from the exhaust.

The exhaust streamed black smoke.


( of people or things ) [ v + adv. / prep. ] to move somewhere in large numbers, one after the other :

People streamed across the bridge.


[ v ] to move freely, especially in the wind or water :

Her scarf streamed behind her.


[ vn ] [ usually passive ] ( especially BrE ) ( NAmE usually track ) ( in schools ) to put school students into groups according to their ability :

Pupils are streamed for French and Maths.


[ vn ] ( computing ) to play video or sound on a computer by receiving it as a continuous stream, from the Internet for example, rather than needing to wait until the whole of the material has been downloaded



Old English strēam (noun), of Germanic origin; related to Dutch stroom , German Strom , from an Indo-European root shared by Greek rhein to flow.

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