Meaning of TUNNEL in English


[tun.nel] n [ME tonel tube-shaped net, fr. MF, tun, fr. OF, fr. tonne tun, fr. ML tunna] (1548) 1: a hollow conduit or recess: tube, well

2. a: a covered passageway; specif: a horizontal passageway through or under an obstruction b: a subterranean gallery (as in a mine) c: burrow -- adj

[2]tunnel vb -neled or -nelled ; or -nel.ling vi (1795) 1: to make or use a tunnel

2. physics: to pass through a potential barrier "electrons ~ing through an insulator between semiconductors" ~ vt: to make a tunnel or similar opening through or under; also: to make (one's way) by or as if by making a tunnel -- n

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