Meaning of TUNNEL in English


/ ˈtʌnl; NAmE / noun , verb

■ noun


a passage built underground, for example to allow a road or railway / railroad to go through a hill, under a river, etc. :

a railway / railroad tunnel

the Channel Tunnel

—see also wind tunnel


an underground passage made by an animal


see light noun

■ verb

( -ll- , NAmE also -l- ) [+ adv. / prep. ] to dig a tunnel under or through the ground :

[ v ]

The engineers had to tunnel through solid rock.

[ vn ]

The rescuers tunnelled their way in to the trapped miners.



late Middle English (in the senses tunnel-shaped net and flue of a chimney ): from Old French tonel , diminutive of tonne cask. The current noun senses date from the mid 18th cent.

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