Meaning of TWINE in English


[twine] n [ME twin, fr. OE twin; akin to MD twijn twine, OE twa two] (bef. 12c) 1: a strong string of two or more strands twisted together

2: a twined or interlaced part or object

3: an act of twining, interlacing, or embracing -- twiny adj

[2]twine vb twined ; vt (13c) 1 a: to twist together b: to form by twisting: weave

2. a: interlace "the girl twined her hands --John Buchan" b: to cause to encircle or enfold something c: to cause to be encircled ~ vi 1: to coil about a support

2: to stretch or move in a sinuous manner: meander "the river ~s through the valley" -- n [3]twine vb twined ; [alter. of Sc twin, fr. ME twinnen, fr. twin double] vt (1722) chiefly Scot: to cause (one) to lose possession: deprive "twined him of his nose --J. C. Ransom" ~ vi, chiefly Scot: part "you and me must ~ --R. L. Stevenson"

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