Meaning of VARNISH in English

[var.nish] n [ME vernisch, fr. MF vernis, fr. OIt or ML; OIt vernice, fr. ML veronic-, veronix sandarac] (14c) 1 a: a liquid preparation that when spread and allowed to dry on a surface forms a hard lustrous typically transparent coating b: the covering or glaze given by the application of varnish c (1): something that suggests varnish by its gloss (2): a coating (as of deposits in an internal combustion engine) comparable to varnish

2: outside show: [1]gloss 3 chiefly Brit: a liquid nail polish -- var.nishy adj

[2]varnish vt (14c) 1: to apply varnish to

2: to cover or conceal (as something unpleasant) with something that gives a fair appearance:


3: adorn, embellish -- n

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