Meaning of BEE in English


I. ˈbē noun

Etymology: Middle English, from Old English bēo; akin to Old High German bīa bee, Old Irish bech, Lithuanian bitis

Date: before 12th century

1. : honeybee ; broadly : any of numerous hymenopterous insects (superfamily Apoidea) that differ from the related wasps especially in the heavier hairier body and in having sucking as well as chewing mouthparts, that feed on pollen and nectar, and that store both and often also honey

2. : an eccentric notion : fancy

• bee·like -ˌlīk adjective

- bee in one's bonnet

II. noun

Date: 14th century

: the letter b

III. noun

Etymology: perhaps from English dialect been help given by neighbors, from Middle English bene prayer, boon, from Old English bēn prayer — more at boon

Date: 1769

: a gathering of people for a specific purpose

a quilting bee

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