Meaning of BLOCK in English

I. ˈbläk noun

Usage: often attributive

Etymology: Middle English blok, from Middle French & Middle Dutch; Middle French bloc, from Middle Dutch blok; akin to Old High German bloh block

Date: 14th century

1. : a compact usually solid piece of substantial material especially when worked or altered to serve a particular purpose: as

a. : the piece of wood on which the neck of a person condemned to be beheaded is laid for execution

b. : a mold or form on which articles are shaped or displayed

c. : a hollow rectangular building unit usually of artificial material

d. : a lightweight usually cubical and solid wooden or plastic building toy that is usually provided in sets

e. : the casting that contains the cylinders of an internal combustion engine

f. : starting block


a. : obstacle

b. : an obstruction of an opponent's play in sports ; especially : a halting or impeding of the progress or movement of an opponent in football by use of the body


(1) : interruption of normal physiological function (as of a tissue or organ) ; especially : heart block

(2) : local anesthesia (as by injection) produced by interruption of the flow of impulses along a nerve

d. : interruption or cessation especially of train of thought by competing thoughts or psychological suppression — compare writer's block

3. slang : head 1

threatened to knock his block off

4. : a wooden or metal case enclosing one or more pulleys and having a hook, eye, or strap by which it may be attached

5. : a piece of material (as wood or linoleum) having on its surface a hand-cut design from which impressions are to be printed



(1) : a usually rectangular space (as in a city) enclosed by streets and occupied by or intended for buildings

(2) : the distance along one of the sides of such a block


(1) : a large building divided into separate functional units

(2) : a line of row houses

(3) : a distinctive part of a building or integrated group of buildings

7. : a platform from which property is sold at auction


a. : a quantity, number, or section of things dealt with as a unit

b. : bloc 2

- on the block

II. verb

Date: 1580

transitive verb


a. : to make unsuitable for passage or progress by obstruction

b. archaic : blockade

c. : to hinder the passage, progress, or accomplishment of by or as if by interposing an obstruction

d. : to shut off from view

forest canopy block ing the sun

e. : to interfere usually legitimately with (as an opponent) in various games or sports

f. : to prevent normal functioning or action of

g. : to restrict the exchange of (as currency or checks)

2. : to mark or indicate the outline or chief lines of

block out a design

block in a sketched figure

3. : to shape on, with, or as if with a block

block a hat

4. : to secure, support, or provide with a block

5. : to work out or chart the movements of (as stage performers) — often used with out

6. : to make (two or more lines of writing or type) flush at the left or at both left and right

intransitive verb

: to block an opponent in sports

Synonyms: see hinder

• block·er noun

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