Meaning of ISRAEL in English

I. ˈiz-rē-əl, -(ˌ)rā- also ˈis- or ˈiz-rəl noun

Etymology: Middle English, from Old English, from Late Latin, from Greek Israēl, from Hebrew Yiśrā'ēl

1. : Jacob 2

2. : the Jewish people

3. : a people chosen by God

• Israel adjective

II. ˈiz-rē(-ə)l, -(ˌ)rā(-ə)l also ˈis- or ˈiz-rəl geographical name

1. kingdom in ancient Palestine comprising the lands occupied by the Hebrew people; established about 1025 B.C.; divided about 933 B.C. into a S kingdom (Judah) & a N kingdom (Israel)

2. or Northern Kingdom or Ephra·im ˈē-frē-əm the N portion of the Hebrew kingdom after the division capital Samaria

3. country SW Asia bordering on the Mediterranean; a republic established 1948 capital Jerusalem area 7993 square miles (20,782 square kilometers ), population 4,037,620 — see Palestine

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