Meaning of NEGRO in English

I. ˈnē-(ˌ)grō noun

( plural Negroes )

Etymology: Spanish or Portuguese, from negro black, from Latin nigr-, niger

Date: 1555

sometimes offensive : a member of a race of humankind native to Africa and classified according to physical features (as dark skin pigmentation)

• Negro adjective , sometimes offensive

• ne·groid ˈnē-ˌgrȯid adjective or noun , often capitalized , sometimes offensive

• Ne·gro·ness -grō-nəs noun , sometimes offensive

II. ˈnā-(ˌ)grō, ˈne- geographical name

1. river 400 miles (640 kilometers ) S central Argentina flowing E into the Atlantic

2. river 1400 miles (2253 kilometers ) E Colombia & N Brazil flowing into the Amazon

3. river 434 miles (698 kilometers ) central Uruguay flowing SW into Uruguay River

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