Meaning of REFRACTORY in English


I. ri-ˈfrak-t(ə-)rē adjective

Etymology: alteration of refractary, from Latin refractarius, irregular from refragari to oppose, from re- + -fragari (as in suffragari to support with one's vote)

Date: 1606

1. : resisting control or authority : stubborn , unmanageable


a. : resistant to treatment or cure

a refractory lesion

b. : unresponsive to stimulus

c. : immune , insusceptible

after recovery they were refractory to infection

3. : difficult to fuse, corrode, or draw out ; especially : capable of enduring high temperature

Synonyms: see unruly

• re·frac·to·ri·ly -t(ə-)rə-lē; ˌrē-ˌfrak-ˈtȯr-ə-lē, ri- adverb

• re·frac·to·ri·ness ri-ˈfrak-t(ə-)rē-nəs noun

II. noun

( plural -ries )

Date: 1627

: a refractory person or thing ; especially : a heat-resisting ceramic material

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