Meaning of TELEGRAPH in English

I. -ˌgraf noun

Etymology: French télégraphe, from télé- tele- (from Greek tēle- ) + -graphe -graph

Date: 1794

1. : an apparatus for communication at a distance by coded signals ; especially : an apparatus, system, or process for communication at a distance by electric transmission over wire

2. : telegram

II. transitive verb

Date: 1805


a. : to send or communicate by or as if by telegraph

b. : to send a telegram to

c. : to send by means of a telegraphic order

telegraph flowers to a sick friend

2. : to make known by signs especially unknowingly and in advance

telegraph a punch

• te·leg·ra·pher tə-ˈle-grə-fər noun

• te·leg·ra·phist -fist noun

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