Meaning of TELEGRAPH in English

I. ˈteləˌgraf, -raa(ə)f, -raif, -rȧf noun

Usage: often attributive

Etymology: French télégraphe, from télé- tel- (I) + -graphe -graph


a. : an apparatus for communication at a distance by means of preconcerted signals ; broadly : an apparatus, system, or process for communication at a distance other than the ordinary ones of speech and letter writing — compare semaphore

b. : an electrical apparatus consisting essentially of a wire that forms a complete circuit, a source of current, a transmitter by which the circuit can be made or broken at will, and a receiver that is affected by every make and break so that an audible or visual indication is given (as by deflection of a pointer, marks made on a moving tape, or sharp clicks) — compare printer 2b

c. : an electrical or mechanical apparatus that is used on a ship for issuing or repeating orders from and to the bridge

2. : telegram

3. : a device (as an elevated board or framework) on which information can be displayed (as for the benefit of spectators at a game or race)

4. : an inclined trough, chute, or similar device through which coal or other material slides to a lower level

5. : telegraph stamp

II. verb

( -ed/-ing/-s )

transitive verb


a. : to send or communicate by or as if by telegraph

telegraph news

telegraph congratulations

sensory nerves which immediately telegraph to the brain the sensations experienced by them — T.D.Buchanan

the kiss from her full, pouty lips telegraphed itself to his toes — T.W.Duncan

b. : to send a telegram to

c. : to send (as flowers or money) by means of a telegraphic order

2. : to display (as a score) on a telegraph board


a. : to make known by signs : signal

a look about him which telegraphed bad news — Niven Busch

a jaw that telegraphed to every movie villain that here was a man who would take no foolishness — Emmett Kelly

b. : to reveal unknowingly and in advance the intention with respect to (as a blow, move, or pitch)

swung, but he telegraphed it and the other ducked easily — G.A.Wagner

intransitive verb

1. : to send a telegram : communicate or signal by telegraph

2. : to telegraph something

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