Meaning of FORMULA in English

Synonyms and related words :

MO, Procrustean law, a priori truth, act, addend, antilogarithm, argument, axiom, base, bill, binomial, blueprint, brocard, bylaw, canon, ceremonial, ceremony, characteristic, code, coefficient, combination, commandment, complement, congruence, constant, convention, cosine, cotangent, criterion, cube, decimal, decree, denominator, derivative, determinant, dictate, dictation, dictum, difference, differential, directions, discriminate, dividend, divisor, duty, e, edict, enactment, equation, exponent, exponential, factor, form, form of worship, formality, formulary, function, general principle, golden rule, guideline, guiding principle, holy rite, i, imperative, increment, index, institution, instructions, integral, jus, law, law of nature, legislation, lex, liturgy, matrix, maxim, means, measure, method, minuend, mitzvah, mode of worship, modus operandi, moral, multiple, multiplier, mystery, norm, norma, numerator, observance, office, order of nature, order of worship, ordinance, ordonnance, parameter, pattern, permutation, pi, polynomial, postulate, power, practice, prescribed form, prescript, prescription, principium, principle, procedure, proposition, quaternion, quotient, radical, radix, receipt, recipe, reciprocal, regulation, remainder, rite, ritual, ritual observance, rituality, root, rubric, rule, ruling, sacrament, sacramental, secant, self-evident truth, service, set form, settled principle, sine, solemnity, standard, standing order, statute, submultiple, subtrahend, tangent, technique, tenet, tensor, theorem, truism, truth, universal law, universal truth, variable, vector, versine, way, working principle, working rule

Moby thesaurus English vocabulary.      Английский словарь Moby Тезаурус .