Meaning of FURROWED in English


Synonyms and related words :

canaliculate, canaliculated, carved, chamfered, channeled, cockled, cockly, corduroy, corduroyed, corrugate, corrugated, costate, creased, crimped, crimpy, crinkled, crinkly, crumpled, cut, dadoed, enchased, engraved, fluted, gashed, glyphic, goffered, gouged, graved, graven, grooved, impressed, imprinted, incised, inscribed, insculptured, knitted, knotted, lined, marked, pleated, printed, puckered, puckery, pursed, pursy, rabbeted, ribbed, ridged, rifled, rimpled, rippled, rucked, rugged, rugose, rugous, rumpled, rutted, rutty, scored, scratched, sculptured, slit, stamped, striated, sulcate, sulcated, tooled, troughed, wrinkled, wrinkly

Moby thesaurus English vocabulary.      Английский словарь Moby Тезаурус .