Meaning of GROUPING in English


Synonyms and related words :

Bund, Rochdale cooperative, age group, alliance, analysis, appraisal, arrangement, assemblage, assessment, association, assortment, atmosphere, axis, balance, band, batch, battalion, bevy, bloc, blood, body, bracket, branch, brigade, brushwork, bunch, cabal, cast, caste, cataloging, categorization, category, clan, class, classification, clique, clump, cluster, coalition, codification, cohort, college, color, combination, combine, common market, company, complement, composition, confederacy, confederation, consumer cooperative, contingent, cooperative, cooperative society, copse, corps, coterie, council, covey, credit union, crew, crop, crowd, culling, customs union, design, detachment, detail, division, draftsmanship, economic community, estate, evaluation, faction, factoring, federation, filing, fleet, free trade area, gang, gauging, gradation, grade, grading, group, groupment, grove, hassock, head, heading, identification, in-group, indexing, junta, kin, knot, label, league, level, line, lot, machine, mess, mob, movement, order, out-group, outfit, pack, painterliness, partnership, party, peer group, perspective, phalanx, pigeonhole, pigeonholing, placement, platoon, political machine, position, posse, predicament, race, ranging, rank, ranking, rating, regiment, ring, rubric, salon, screening, section, selection, sept, set, shading, shadow, shock, sifting, sifting out, slew, society, sorting, sorting out, squad, stable, station, status, stook, strain, stratification, stratum, string, subdivision, subgroup, suborder, subordination, tabulation, taxonomy, team, technique, thicket, tier, title, tone, treatment, triage, tribe, troop, troupe, tuft, tussock, typology, union, values, weighing, wing, winnowing, wisp

Moby thesaurus English vocabulary.      Английский словарь Moby Тезаурус .