Meaning of GROUPING in English



( -s )

1. : the act, manner, or an instance of placing in groups

grouping should be considered by teachers … and administrators as primarily an instructional problem — Helen Heffernan

achieve with grouping and composition … the impression of a great painting — Ency. Britannica

the groupings of fact and argument and illustration so as to produce a cumulative and mass effect — B.N.Cardozo


a. : an assemblage of individuals grouped in a certain manner (as for utility or artistic effect) or naturally forming a distinct pattern or configuration

jewelry designed to grow in size from a single diamond to a magnificent grouping of diamonds — Jewelers' Circular-Keystone

a new type of population grouping … seen wherever a constellation of towns is clustered around a dominating metropolitan center — F.A.Ogg & P.O.Ray

word groupings peculiar to advertising — W.H.Whyte

the almost inevitable Vermont grouping of Civil War monument, cannon, and bandstand — American Guide Series: Vermont

b. : pattern of organization or relationship : alignment

strict party lines were being replaced by sectional groupings — C.H.Lincoln

clannish in their internal groupings, they are divided into many organizations — American Guide Series: Michigan

c. : an assemblage of like individuals : group

the writings … fall into five well-defined groupings — E.M.Hinton

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