Meaning of LUSTER in English


Synonyms and related words :

abundant year, academic year, afterglow, air glow, annum, aura, be bright, beacon, beam, bedazzle, bissextile year, blaze, blaze of glory, blind, brightness, brilliance, brilliancy, buff, burn, burnish, calendar month, calendar year, candescence, ceiling fixture, century, chandelier, charisma, circlet, common year, corona, corona lucis, crown, day, daze, dazzle, decade, decennary, decennium, defective year, diffuse light, effulgence, electrolier, envelope, finish, fiscal year, flame, flare, flash, flush, fortnight, fulgurate, furbish, gasolier, give light, glamour, glance, glare, glaze, gleam, glint, gloriousness, glory, gloss, glow, gorgeousness, halo, heavenliness, hour, illustriousness, incandesce, incandescence, iridescence, leap year, luminosity, lunar month, lunar year, lunation, lustrum, magic, man-hour, microsecond, millennium, millisecond, minute, moment, month, moon, mystique, nimbus, numinousness, opalescence, patina, polish, quarter, quinquennium, radiance, radiate, ravishingness, refulgence, regular year, resplendence, resplendency, rub, scour, second, semester, send out rays, session, sheen, shine, shine brightly, shininess, shining light, shoot, shoot out rays, sidereal year, skylight, sleek, slick, slick down, solar year, splendidness, splendor, splendorousness, splendrousness, sublimity, sun, sunset glow, term, trimester, twelvemonth, varnish, wax, week, weekday, year

Moby thesaurus English vocabulary.      Английский словарь Moby Тезаурус .