Meaning of PROBE in English

Synonyms and related words :

ATDA, ATS, Alouette, Anna, Apollo, Ariel, Atlas-Score, Biosatellite, Comsat, Cosmos, Courier, Diapason, Discoverer, ERS, Early Bird, Echo, Elektron, Explorer, GATV, Gemini, Injun, Intelsat, LPN, Lofti, Luna, Lunar Orbiter, Lunik, Mariner, Mars probes, Mercury, Midas, Nimbus, OAO, OGO, OSO, Pageos, Pegasus, Pioneer, Proton, RN, Ranger, Relay, Samos, San Marco, Secor, Sputnik, Surveyor, Syncom, Telstar, Transit, Vanguard, Viking, Voskhod, WRESAT, Zond, amassing evidence, appraise, appreciate, artificial satellite, artificial satellites, assay, assess, barometer, calculate, calibrate, caliper, charge nurse, check a parameter, close inquiry, communications satellite, compute, delve into, delving, department of investigation, detection, detective work, dial, dig, dig into, district nurse, divide, domiciliary visit, dragnet, enquiry, estimate, evaluate, examination, examine, exhaustive study, exploration, explore, fathom, feel out, feeler, fly a kite, forage, frisk, gauge, geo probe, geodetic satellite, geophysical satellite, go, go into, graduate, graduate nurse, hearing, house-search, hunt, hunting, indagate, indagation, inquest, inquiry, inquisition, instrument carrier, investigate, investigation, investigative bureau, legislative investigation, legwork, licensed practical nurse, look into, measure, mensurate, mete, meter, navigational satellite, nurse, nursing sister, pace, peer into, perquisition, perscrutation, pilot balloon, plumb, poke, poke around, poke into, posse, practical nurse, private-duty nurse, prize, probationer, probationist, probing, prod, pry into, public health nurse, quantify, quantize, quest, random sample, ransacking, rate, read, reconnoiter, registered nurse, registering rocket, research, research rocket, research satellite, robot satellite, rummage, sample, satellite, school nurse, scrub nurse, scrutinize, scrutiny, search, search into, search party, search warrant, search-and-destroy operation, searching, sift, sifting, sister, size, size up, sleuthing, sound, sound out, sounder, space probe, space satellite, spacecraft, span, sputnik, stalk, stalking, step, still hunt, straw vote, student nurse, study, surgical nurse, survey, take a reading, test rocket, trained nurse, trial balloon, triangulate, turning over, unmanned satellite, valuate, value, visiting nurse, weather satellite, weather vane, weathercock, weigh, witch-hunt

Moby thesaurus English vocabulary.      Английский словарь Moby Тезаурус .