Meaning of PROBE in English

/ prəʊb; NAmE proʊb/ verb , noun

■ verb


probe (into sth) to ask questions in order to find out secret or hidden information about sb/sth

SYN investigate :

[ v ]

He didn't like the media probing into his past.

[ vn ]

a TV programme that probed government scandals in the 1990s

[also v speech ]


[ vn ] to touch, examine or look for sth, especially with a long thin instrument :

The doctor probed the wound for signs of infection.

Searchlights probed the night sky.

■ noun


probe (into sth) (used especially in newspapers) a thorough and careful investigation of sth :

a police probe into the financial affairs of the company


(also ˈspace probe ) a spacecraft without people on board which obtains information and sends it back to earth


( technical ) a long thin metal tool used by doctors for examining inside the body


( technical ) a small device put inside sth and used by scientists to test sth or record information



late Middle English (as a noun): from late Latin proba proof (in medieval Latin examination), from Latin probare to test. The verb dates from the mid 17th cent.

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