Meaning of REALIZATION in English


Synonyms and related words :

accident, accomplished fact, accomplishment, achievement, actualization, alphabet, apparition, appearance, appearing, apperception, appreciation, appreciativeness, apprehension, arising, art, attainment, avatar, awareness, blueprint, bringing to fruition, carrying out, charactering, characterization, chart, choreography, closure, cognition, cognizance, coming, coming into being, coming to be, coming-forth, completion, comprehension, conception, consciousness, constitution, consummation, contingency, contingent, conventional representation, culmination, dance notation, delineation, demonstration, depiction, depictment, diagram, discharge, disclosure, dispatch, distinguishment, doing, drama, drawing, effectuation, emergence, epiphany, establishment, event, eventuality, eventuation, execution, exemplification, exposure, fait accompli, figuration, formation, forthcoming, foundation, fruition, fulfillment, hieroglyphic, iconography, identification, ideogram, illustration, imagery, imaging, implementation, inauguration, incarnation, inception, incidence, insight, installation, institution, issuance, letter, limning, logogram, logograph, manifestation, map, materialization, materializing, mindfulness, mission accomplished, musical notation, noesis, notation, note, notice, occurrence, opening, operation, organization, overproduction, perception, perfection, performance, pictogram, picturization, plan, portraiture, portrayal, prefigurement, presentation, presentment, printing, production, productiveness, projection, recognition, reidentification, rendering, rendition, representation, revelation, rise, rising, schema, score, script, sensibility, setting-up, showing, showing forth, success, syllabary, symbol, tablature, theophany, topping-off, understanding, unfolding, unfoldment, writing

Moby thesaurus English vocabulary.      Английский словарь Moby Тезаурус .