Meaning of REALIZATION in English


( BrE also real·isa·tion ) / ˌriːəlaɪˈzeɪʃn; ˌrɪəl-; NAmE ˌriːələˈz-/ noun


[ U , sing. ] realization (that ... ) | realization (of sth) the process of becoming aware of sth

SYN awareness :

the sudden realization of what she had done

There is a growing realization that changes must be made.


[ U ] realization (of sth) the process of achieving a particular aim, etc.

SYN achievement :

It was the realization of his greatest ambition.


[ U ] realization of your assets ( formal ) the act of selling sth that you own, such as property, in order to get the money that you need for sth


[ U , C ] realization (of sth) ( formal ) the act of producing a sound, play, design, etc.; or the thing that is produced

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