Meaning of SPLICE in English


Synonyms and related words :

accouple, accumulate, adhesive, affixation, agglomeration, agglutinate, agglutination, aggregation, amass, annexation, arrange a match, articulate, articulation, assemble, associate, attachment, band, bandage, belt, bend, bind, bind up, binding, bond, brace, bracket, bracketing, braid, bridge, bridge over, bundle, cement, chain, cinch, clap together, clasping, clustering, collect, combination, combine, communication, comprise, concatenate, concatenation, concourse, concurrence, confluence, congeries, conglobulate, conglomeration, conjoin, conjugate, conjugation, conjunction, connect, connection, convergence, copulate, copulation, couple, coupling, cover, do up, embrace, encompass, enlace, entwine, fastener, fastening, gather, gathering, gird, girding, girdle, girt, girth, give away, glue, hitch, hooking, hookup, include, intercommunication, intercourse, interknit, interlace, interlinking, intertie, intertissue, intertwine, intertwist, interweave, intort, join, join together, joinder, joining, joint, jointure, junction, knit, knot, knotting, lace, lash, lashing, lay together, league, leash, liaison, ligation, link, linkage, linking, loom, loop, lump together, make a match, make one, marriage, marry, marshal, mass, mat, match, mate, meeting, merge, merger, merging, mobilize, net, noose, nuptial, pair, pairing, piece together, plait, pleach, put together, raddle, roll into one, rope, solder, span, splicing, stick together, sticking, strap, swaddle, swathe, symbiosis, take in, tape, tie, tie up, tie-in, tie-up, tieing, tissue, truss, twill, twine, twist, unification, unify, union, unite, unite in marriage, wattle, weave, web, wed, weld, wire, wrap, wrap up, wreathe, yoke, yoking, zipping

Moby thesaurus English vocabulary.      Английский словарь Moby Тезаурус .