Meaning of SPLICE in English


I. ˈsplīs transitive verb

( -ed/-ing/-s )

Etymology: obsolete Dutch splissen to split ends into separate strands, splice, from Middle Dutch; akin to Middle Dutch splitten to split — more at split

1. : to fasten together especially end to end and especially in order to form a continuous length: as

a. : to unite (two ropes or two parts of a rope) especially by sticking or tucking the strands of one rope or part between or around each other

b. : to unite (as spars, timbers, or rails) into a single length by lapping together two ends or by applying a piece that laps upon the two ends and binding or making fast ; specifically : to connect (railroad rails) end to end with joint bars

c. : to join (as two lengths of photographic film or paper or recording tape) by or as if by cementing or fusing the ends together ; also : to transfer (as a sound or picture) to a recording or film by splicing in a piece of recorded tape or film

an audience's laughs have been recorded and are spliced into the thirty-minute comedy film — Goodman Ace

2. : to attach to, fix in, or join onto something

splice a rope to a chain

proposing to splice upon the tariff bill an income tax — N.W.Stephenson

specifically : to graft (a slip or shoot) into stock by lapping or by applying a piece that laps and binding or making fast

3. : to make, form, or repair by splicing

bone and ivory knitting needles were often spliced in order to obtain the required length — Mary Thomas

the broken girder can be spliced — New Yorker

4. : to unite in marriage : marry

asked the preacher to splice them

- splice the main brace

II. noun

( -s )

1. : the act or result of joining or fusing especially end to end: as

a. : a joining of two cords or ropes or two parts of the same cord or rope made by interweaving or intertwining the strands in such a way that the circumference of the joint is no greater or not much greater than the circumference of the rope — see chain splice , eye splice , long splice , short splice

b. : a joining of the ends of long rigid objects (as spars, timbers, or rails) by lapping the ends or applying a piece lapping both ends and by making fast (as by binding or bolting)

c. : a fused or cemented joint in a length of photographic film or paper or recording tape

2. : marriage , wedding

3. : the part of the handle of a cricket bat that is inserted in the blade

4. : splicing 2

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splice 1


III. transitive verb

: to combine or insert (as genes) by genetic engineering

researchers spliced together DNA from several different organisms

spliced a human gene for insulin into a bacterium

— see gene-splicing herein

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