Meaning of UPRIGHT in English


Synonyms and related words :

Christian, Klavier, Samson post, Steinway, angelic, arrowlike, at attention, azimuth circle, baby grand, baluster, balustrade, banister, base, blameless, bolt upright, caryatid, cast up, cembalo, clarichord, clavicembalo, clavichord, clavicittern, clavicymbal, clavicytherium, clavier, clean, colonnade, column, concert grand, conscientious, cottage piano, couched harp, creditable, dado, dead straight, decent, die, direct, doorjamb, doorpost, downright, dulcimer harpsichord, elevate, elevated, endways, endwise, equitable, erect, erectly, estimable, ethical, even, exalted, exemplary, fair, flat, footstalk, full of integrity, gatepost, godly, good, grand, grand piano, hammer dulcimer, harmonichord, harpsichord, high, high-minded, high-principled, highly respectable, hitching post, honest, honorable, horizontal, immaculate, impartial, in a line, incorruptible, inviolate, irreproachable, jack, jamb, just, king post, law-abiding, law-loving, law-revering, level, lift up, lifted, lineal, linear, lofty, manichord, manichordon, manly, melodion, melopiano, milepost, monochord, moral, mullion, newel-post, noble, normal, on end, on stilts, orthodiagonal, pair of virginals, parlor grand, pedestal, pedicel, peduncle, perpendicular, perpendicularly, pianette, pianino, piano, piano-violin, pianoforte, pier, pilaster, pile, piling, pillar, pitch, plinth, plumb, pole, post, principled, pure, queen-post, raise, raise aloft, raise up, raised, rampant, rear, rear aloft, rearing, rectilineal, rectilinear, reputable, respectable, right, right angle, right on end, right-minded, righteous, ruler-straight, saintlike, saintly, scrupulous, seraphic, set up, shaft, signpost, smooth, snubbing post, socle, sostinente pianoforte, spinet, spotless, square piano, staff, stainless, stalk, stanchion, stand, stand upright, stand-up, standard, standing up, stem, sterling, stile, stilted, straight, straight-cut, straight-front, straight-side, straight-up, straightforward, streamlined, subbase, sublime, surbase, TRUE, true-dealing, true-devoted, true-disposing, true-souled, true-spirited, truehearted, trunk, trustworthy, unbending, unbent, unblemished, unbowed, unbroken, uncorrupt, uncorrupted, uncurved, undefiled, undeflected, undeviating, undistorted, unimpeachable, uninterrupted, unspotted, unstained, unsullied, unswerving, untarnished, unturned, up, up on end, upcast, upend, upended, upflung, upheave, uplift, uplifted, upraise, upraised, uprear, upreared, upright piano, uprighteous, uprightly, upstanding, upstandingly, upthrown, upwards, vertical, vertical circle, violin piano, virginal, virtuous, worthy, yeomanly

Moby thesaurus English vocabulary.      Английский словарь Moby Тезаурус .