Meaning of BOTHERED in English




▪ be , look , seem , sound

▪ get

He never got too ~ about the mess.


▪ not at all , not in the least (both esp. BrE )

I'm not in the least ~ about the price.

▪ not all that , not particularly , not really , not that , not too (all esp. BrE )

He is not that ~ about his appearance.

They're not really ~ about what you do.


▪ about

He wasn't too ~ about the slight leak.

▪ by

He was still ~ by a persistent leg injury.

▪ with

They did not want to be ~ with her problems.


▪ can't be ~

He couldn't even be ~ to get dressed.

▪ hot and ~

She got herself all hot and ~ about the test.

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