Meaning of INCLUSION in English



▪ possible

We welcome readers' letters for possible ~ on this page.

▪ social

The Internet promotes the social ~ of groups such as the elderly and disabled.

the government's social ~ policy


▪ be worthy of , deserve , justify , merit , warrant

Some words are too infrequent to be worthy of ~ in the dictionary.

▪ be eligible for , be suitable for , qualify for

All work by current students is eligible for ~ in the journal.

▪ consider sth for

▪ accept

The rebels refused to accept the ~ of representatives of the existing regime in the negotiations.

▪ preclude , prevent , prohibit

Legal issues precluded the interview's ~ on the DVD.

They tried to prevent the ~ of any offensive material.


▪ for ~

an article for ~ in the newsletter


▪ criteria for ~

There are strict criteria for ~ in the competition.

Oxford Collocations English Dictionary.      Оксфордский английский словарь словосочетаний .