Meaning of INTERVAL in English



▪ brief , short

She ruled for ten years, except for a brief ~.

▪ long , wide

You are advised to leave a wide ~ before you have your next child.

▪ 10-minute , six month , three-year , etc.

Try setting your automatic email checker to 30-minute ~s.

▪ fixed , specified

the amount of oxygen used by the muscles during a specified ~

▪ decent

After a decent ~ she made her new relationship public.

▪ time

They will be interviewed again after an appropriate time ~ has elapsed.


▪ at ~s

At ~s a bell rings and workers stop for a drink.

▪ in the ~

Polling day was a week away and Baldwin made two speeches in the ~.

▪ ~ between

The ~s between his various illnesses grew shorter and shorter.


▪ at fixed, periodic, regular, etc. ~s

Trains run at fixed ~s.

He returned home during the day at regular ~s.

▪ at irregular ~s , at random ~s

The accounts were updated at irregular ~s.

▪ at hourly, weekly, monthly, etc. ~s

Meetings are held at monthly ~s.

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