Meaning of INTERVAL in English

— intervalic, intervallic /in'teuhr val"ik/ , adj.

/in"teuhr veuhl/ , n.

1. an intervening period of time: an interval of 50 years.

2. a period of temporary cessation; pause: intervals between the volleys of gunfire.

3. a space between things, points, limits, etc.; interspace: an interval of ten feet between posts.

4. Math.

a. the totality of points on a line between two designated points or endpoints that may or may not be included.

b. any generalization of this to higher dimensions, as a rectangle with sides parallel to the coordinate axes.

5. the space between soldiers or units in military formation.

6. Music. the difference in pitch between two tones, as between two tones sounded simultaneously (harmonic interval) or between two tones sounded successively (melodic interval) .

7. Chiefly New Eng. intervale.

8. Cards. a period in a game for placing bets.

9. Brit. an intermission, as between the acts of a play.

10. at intervals ,

a. at particular periods of time; now and then: At intervals, there were formal receptions at the governor's mansion.

b. at particular places, with gaps in between: detour signs at intervals along the highway.

[ 1250-1300; ME intervall ( e ) intervallum interval, lit., space between two palisades. See INTER-, WALL ]

Syn. 3. opening, gap, separation, gulf.

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