Meaning of CIRCULATE in English


/ ˈsɜːkjəleɪt; NAmE ˈsɜːrk-/ verb


when a liquid, gas, or air circulates or is circulated , it moves continuously around a place or system :

[ v ]

The condition prevents the blood from circulating freely.

[ vn ]

Cooled air is circulated throughout the building.


if a story, an idea, information, etc. circulates or if you circulate it, it spreads or it is passed from one person to another :

[ v ]

Rumours began to circulate about his financial problems.

[also vn ]


[ vn ] circulate sth (to sb) to send goods or information to all the people in a group :

The document will be circulated to all members.


[ v ] to move around a group, especially at a party, talking to different people



late 15th cent. (as an alchemical term meaning distil something in a closed container, allowing condensed vapour to return to the original liquid ): from Latin circulat- moved in a circular path, from the verb circulare , from circulus small ring, diminutive of circus ring.Sense 1 dates from the mid 17th cent.

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