Meaning of CITE in English


/ saɪt; NAmE / verb [ vn ] ( formal )


cite sth (as sth) to mention sth as a reason or an example, or in order to support what you are saying :

He cited his heavy workload as the reason for his breakdown.

➡ note at mention


to speak or write the exact words from a book, an author, etc.

SYN quote


( law ) to order sb to appear in court; to name sb officially in a legal case :

She was cited in the divorce proceedings.


cite sb (for sth) to mention sb officially or publicly because they deserve special praise :

He was cited for bravery.



late Middle English (in sense 3, originally with reference to a court of ecclesiastical law): from Old French citer , from Latin citare , from ciere , cire to call.

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