Meaning of CLEARANCE in English

/ ˈklɪərəns; NAmE ˈklɪr-/ noun


[ C , U ] the removal of things that are not wanted :

forest clearances

slum clearance (= the removal of houses that are in very bad condition in an area of a town)

a clearance sale (= in a shop / store, when goods are sold cheaply to get rid of them quickly)


[ U , C ] the amount of space or distance that is needed between two objects so that they do not touch each other :

There is not much clearance for vehicles passing under this bridge.

a clearance of one metre


[ U , C ] official permission that is given to sb before they can work somewhere, have particular information, or do sth they want to do :

I'm waiting for clearance from headquarters.

All employees at the submarine base require security clearance.


[ U ] official permission for a person or vehicle to enter or leave an airport or a country :

The pilot was waiting for clearance for take-off.


[ U , C ] the process of a cheque being paid by a bank


[ C ] a clearance in football ( soccer ) and some other sports is when a player kicks or hits the ball away from the goal of his or her own team

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