Meaning of CLEARANCE in English

ˈklirən(t)s noun

( -s )

1. : the act of making clear of whatever may obstruct, occupy, encumber, or hinder: as

a. : the removal of buildings from an area (as a city slum) in order to permit new construction


(1) : the act or an instance of clearing a ship at the customhouse

(2) or clearance papers : the papers showing that a ship has cleared

c. : the offsetting of checks and other claims among banks through a clearinghouse, the Federal Reserve banks, or other agencies

d. : approval or certification as clear of objection, prohibition, suspicion, or guilt

security clearance of those with access to secret atomic information — J.G.Palfrey

given clearance by the FBI

: permission to proceed without objection, check, or reservation

you have to have the general's personal clearance — J.G.Cozzens

e. : the sale usually at reduced prices of stock (as excess inventory) which it is desired to move from the store

a January clearance of men's suits

f. : authorization for an airplane to proceed under specified traffic conditions

2. : the distance by which one object clears another or the clear space between them

a car with a road clearance of 7 1/8 inches

a bridge with a 100 foot clearance above water



(1) : the distance between the piston and the cylinder head at the end of a stroke in an engine

(2) : the total volume (as of steam) remaining in the cylinder and ports at the end of the exhaust or compression stroke ; also : the line or area on an indicator diagram noting this distance or volume

b. : the space between adjacent structural members or their component parts to allow for inaccuracies in cutting and to permit them to be placed in a structure

c. : the distance by which the top of a gear tooth clears the bottom of the space between two teeth on the mating gear

d. : the margin of space between the structures along a railroad track (as poles, buildings, or tunnel walls) and the periphery of the largest locomotive or car that will pass over that track

e. or clearance angle : the angle between the face of a cutting tool and the work

f. : the interval stipulated in the lease of a motion picture that must elapse after the film's exhibition in a first-run theater before it can be leased to other theaters within a specified surrounding area

g. : a quantitative measure of renal efficiency in the transfer of any solute from the blood to the urine, being determined as the volume of blood that would be freed of a specified constituent by removal of a quantity equal to the measured renal excretion of that constituent during one minute — called also renal clearance

3. : a space or area that has been cleared of that which formerly occupied it (as trees or brush)

a clearance in the forest

clearances, the Highland equivalent of enclosures, in which the … peasants were treated … as mere squatters — Russell Kirk

4. : a permission-to-work order to a line crew after a power line has been de-energized for the crew's safety

5. : a part of a foundry mold or core beveled off to prevent contact of friable surfaces when closing the mold

Synonyms: see room

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