Meaning of CONCRETE in English


/ ˈkɒŋkriːt; NAmE ˈkɑːŋ-/ adjective , noun , verb

■ adjective


made of concrete :

a concrete floor


based on facts, not on ideas or guesses :

concrete evidence / proposals / proof

'It's only a suspicion,' she said, 'nothing concrete.'

It is easier to think in concrete terms rather than in the abstract.

—compare abstract (1)


a concrete object is one that you can see and feel

►  con·crete·ly adverb

■ noun

[ U ] building material that is made by mixing together cement , sand, small stones and water :

a slab of concrete

■ verb

[ vn ] ~ sth (over) to cover sth with concrete :

The garden had been concreted over.



late Middle English (in the sense solidified ): from French concret or Latin concretus , past participle of concrescere grow together. The noun sense building material dates from the mid 19th cent.

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