Meaning of CONCRETE in English


I. adjective


a specific/concrete proposal

The report will make specific proposals for further investigation.

concrete jungle

concrete mixer

concrete noun

reinforced concrete

stone/brick/concrete wall

The estate is surrounded by high stone walls.




Similarly, the government must take concrete action .


Mastic asphalt can be laid over any deck but, in general, a general, a concrete base is preferred.

But next morning I was shovelling away anew, soon to discover the concrete base of the original pool.


Most likely to suffer are concrete block houses built in the Twenties and Thirties and earlier buildings where shuttered concrete was employed.

There was another little room, the Quiet Room, plain concrete block walls without chairs or windows.

Meanwhile, powerful United States Army helicopters continued dropping massive concrete blocks to hinder the lava flow.

This building also will be made of structural steel and concrete blocks .

The concrete block shell was in place by early 1992 ready for the 25-week facing brickwork stage to begin.

Since then, her head has felt like a concrete block .

Construction method would be single walled using concrete blocks and bricks.

A hand inscribed concrete block says' A Sailor's Grave.


You can see it from here - that concrete building .

Red brick dormitories and concrete buildings that rose like geometric blocks from a foundation of asphalt and cement.

Below Manescu saw a complex of concrete buildings and a circular tower block surrounded by a high wire fence.

Building officials said the highest risks are from pre-1976 concrete buildings.

More than these towering concrete buildings - these prison walls of glass and stone.

We drove up to a group of concrete buildings that looked like dormitories.

Grey concrete buildings that had been thrown up, always wherever they could be fitted in, on either side.


It's rather like a concrete bunker but hopefully with some work we can make it look quite nice.

The primary edifice, Mandeville Center, is about as inviting as a concrete bunker .


They were continual concrete evidence of the sleight of hand which had conjured me from one world to another.

The report appears content that such rhetorical gaps loom between the concrete evidence it amasses and the maxims it imparts.

In the absence of any concrete evidence of an agreement it is unlikely that this could have been done.

Not even the National Enquirer can dispute such concrete evidence .


The present chapter provides concrete examples of such an evaluation.

For a concrete example , consider again the commercial airliner industry.

We do this via some concrete examples , simple enough to allow the logical principle involved to be easily seen.

I made the same point in the previous chapter but it may help if I give a concrete example .

They sometimes contain concrete examples of changes which need to be made.

To give a concrete example , consider the capsule to be falling radially toward the Earth.

The message here is: Don't be afraid to examine lots of concrete examples .

Let me give a concrete example of what I mean.


His shoes were off and his cloven hooves showered sparks across the concrete floor .

He fell and hit his head on the concrete floor .

In doing that every day for fifty one years he actually wore a trench in the solid concrete floor .

On the concrete floor inside are tire tracks, and skid marks where kids have done wheelies or donuts.

A low interest loan from an anonymous benefactor allowed the concrete floor to go in.

The lowest six stories were fully framed and concrete floors were being poured.

This policy of renewal was effected by installing a replacement internal structure of load-bearing brick walls and insitu concrete floors .

There were pools of water on the concrete floor , and all around a smell of dead and standing air.


Typically, a project takes concrete form as a document or suchlike.

It might take concrete form as civic leadership groups, public-private partnerships, industry councils, or other institution-spanning bodies.

All these issues take concrete form in the exchange's rules and regulations.

The concrete form in which the host may benefit is, as noted in the previous chapter, the creation of linkages.

The City's only the outward, concrete form of it.


A concrete foundation is laid after digging down to firm ground.

Currently, the bridge towers sit on concrete foundations that are anchored to bay soils by 85-foot Douglas fir timbers.

What you say during a political campaign is the concrete foundation of it.

Designers are considering enlarging and strengthening the concrete foundations , and anchoring them into Bay soils with steel pilings.

One man glued a pressure-treated board to a concrete foundation in his basement.


Val d'Isere because the skiing is just so brill and Tignes is, well, a concrete jungle really.


The concrete mixers with lethal faults.

He was working on a building site at Middle Barton in North Oxfordshire when a concrete mixer rolled back toward a workman.


Consider two of the characteristic features of the first sub-stage of the period Piaget calls the period of concrete operations .

During concrete operations , affect acquires a measure of stability and consistency that was not present earlier.

With the attainment of concrete operations , the ability to reason logically about and solve conservation problems emerges.

The child at the stage of concrete operations can assume the viewpoint of others and spoken language is social and communicative.

During concrete operations , the use of language becomes more fully communicative in function.

With the development of concrete operations , language becomes less egocentric.

Not until the stage of concrete operations do accurate concepts appear.

Some will be in concrete operations .


Barak led them up a narrow concrete path to the unpainted door and opened it.

Stepping off the concrete path on to gravel was a new sensation and he felt himself slide and stumble.

Peter walked up the concrete path and let himself into the house.

Footsteps clicked on the concrete path that led along the side of the bungalow.

Then they both creep along the pavement, on to the concrete path , up the concrete stairs to the waiting concrete flat.

This concrete path is cracking up under the strain of thousands of paws padding over it.

It makes very loud crunching, splitting noises on the concrete path .

The concrete paths had been cleared of snow and ice.


It will always be based on the concrete problems encountered by communities in real situations.

But an awareness of history and an appreciation of the aims of the Founding Fathers do not always resolve concrete problems .

If we can not help in the analysis of concrete problems , we should keep our mouths firmly shut.

In addition, they can not correctly reason about concrete problems that involve many variables.

We want to address ourselves to concrete problems in today's world.

It is interesting to note that the two problems just presented are concrete problems.

It was rather to identify some of the concrete problems which would have to be faced in any such exercise.

Children can solve conservation problems and most concrete problems.


A lot of words, and a few concrete proposals .

He had concrete proposals and made his case simply.

Although the White paper states the importance of the informal sector there are few concrete proposals as to how this will develop.


But what concrete reality lies behind that abstraction?

Media education, therefore, should respect the concrete reality of the media situation in each region or sub-region.


Talks with commercial bank creditors over two days were reported on June 21 to have failed to produce concrete results .

It is an elegant procedure, producing satisfyingly concrete results when it works, which it did for us.

The main concrete result of the discussions was a preliminary agreement on chemical weapons.


But many statutory duties are couched in quite vague terms which leave it unclear what the duty-bearer must do in concrete situations .

Scientists holding these values may make different choices in the same concrete situation .

The debate over the middle peasantry can only be resolved by referring to concrete situations .


Previous development may also have left old foundations, concrete slabs and basements which must be identified and quantified for additional cost.

Very important to know, because suppose you got permafrost under your concrete slab ?

Now the club lies under pulverised concrete slabs .

Speedo changed position on the concrete slab .

The wall was topped with rolls of barbed wire and jagged ends of glass stuck into the eight-foot concrete slabs .

Crisp precast concrete slabs are teamed with brick, the latter helping to soften the overall surface.

This block is made out of a steel structure covered with concrete slabs and masked with a red brick shell.

And over it had meshed a concrete slab , which now the lever of the house was painfully and irresistibly easing up.


It was the first major concrete structure to be built in Britain since Roman times.

Collagen normally functions like steel reinforcing rods in a concrete structure .

The concrete structure should be sufficiently dense to limit water ingress to ensure that the system can cope.

Some specialize-for example, in structural steel or reinforced concrete structures .

Cladding for the concrete structure is once again in tune with the surrounding area.

She pointed to a concrete structure , the size of a one-car garage, with a metal roof.

The four zones are contained within a single reinforced concrete structure made both with concrete cast in-situ and precast concrete.

A row of eighteenth-century baroque merchants' houses was interrupted half-way along by a steel and concrete structure .


Collisions with concrete walls have broken three of his ribs and shattered a kneecap.

The Noedings have put in a L-shaped concrete wall 2 feet above ground and 2 feet below to protect their house.

Freed of its burden, the cab sped on, rammed into a low concrete wall .

Otherwise, the basement is well underground, and Jasper had himself forced the hooks into the concrete wall .

Concrete beams and a concrete wall will tend to move as one.

It swerved wildly towards the wall , bounced over the pavement and came to a stop four feet from the concrete wall.

The method is more environmentally friendly than building concrete walls .

He was in a bare cellar: concrete floor, concrete walls , perhaps a wine-cellar converted to a new purpose.


be faced with stone/concrete etc

It is faced with stone on the outside and red marble inside.

lay bricks/carpet/concrete/cables etc

Compact the base, then lay concrete, using a 1 cement to 5 parts ballast mix.

During the week I found work in town painting houses, laying carpets and delivering telephone books.

Trying to raise efficiency and morale without first setting this structure to rights is like trying to lay bricks without mortar.

Why didn't he lay concrete you ask?


Just tell him what you want in clear and concrete terms.

No mention is made of any concrete plans to address workers' complaints.


Concrete beams and a concrete wall will tend to move as one.

He fell and hit his head on the concrete floor.

It was the first major concrete structure to be built in Britain since Roman times.

It would, by virtue of the fact that it was scientifically detectable, be concrete .

They were following the concrete channel of the serpentine rill, which emptied itself into a pool of stygian blackness.

Trent dived belly flat into the protection of a bush sprouting from beside the concrete piling.

With the attainment of concrete operations, the ability to reason logically about and solve conservation problems emerges.

II. noun




A composite building of steel plus concrete is extremely difficult to achieve in New York City.


Thermocouples are placed in the freshly poured concrete to measure the concrete temperature.

When you pour the concrete , be sure the threads are clean so nothing interferes with installing the nut.


Each of the Apollo launch pads was 0.65 square kilometres in size and constructed of heavily reinforced concrete .

Roebling had pioneered fireproof construction methods, especially the use of reinforced concrete .

The place was losing the look of old photographs. Reinforced concrete was gaining the light.

Problem: Footings under masonry walls are not reinforced concrete .

Public works inspectors may specialize in highways, structural steel, reinforced concrete , or ditches.

If steel and concrete were incompatible in any of these areas, reinforced concrete would sooner or later degrade.


I do not regard the United Kindom constitution as set in concrete .

Until the job is actually offered and refused, however, nothing is set in concrete .

To set that in concrete seems beside the point.

Here, too, metal reinforcements set in the concrete have rusted because the concrete contained too much calcium chloride.

The bright red benches were attached to the ground by bolts set in concrete .

Then install some form of perimeter edging: path-edging stones or brick pavers, for example, set in concrete .

We can not regard the present statements as necessarily being set in concrete .

It was wet before harvest and then it set like concrete .


Many of New York's bridges are made using inadequately reinforced concrete .

Instead, consider using interlocking concrete blocks.

Storage of materials and the effort of mixing are eliminated by using ready-mixed concrete , which is available in two forms.

He hopes to install an adobe-making plant at his Redford ranch, using a commercial concrete truck as his mixer.


A twenty-five-foot wave carrying huge pieces of concrete flattened schools and ripped away bridges.

For instance, one person may estimate only electrical work, whereas another may concentrate on excavation, concrete , and forms.

He returned to the North to work on the problems of reinforced concrete for a commercial company.

She was on her knees, tights torn by rough concrete .

To set that in concrete seems beside the point.

III. verb


As far as I could see, a holy well pointed out to me by my 1973 taxi driver had also been concreted.

Cutting Edges On boundaries that don't butt up to existing walls, blocks must first be concreted in position.

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