Meaning of DEPARTURE in English


/ dɪˈpɑːtʃə(r); NAmE -ˈpɑːrt-/ noun


[ C , U ] departure (from ... ) the act of leaving a place; an example of this :

His sudden departure threw the office into chaos.

Flights should be confirmed 48 hours before departure.

They had received no news of him since his departure from the island.

OPP arrival


[ C ] a plane, train, etc. leaving a place at a particular time :

arrivals and departures

All departures are from Manchester.

the departure lounge / time / gate

the departures board

OPP arrival


[ C ] departure (from sth) an action that is different from what is usual or expected :

It was a radical departure from tradition.

Their latest single represents a new departure for the band.


see point noun



late Middle English : from Old French departeure , from the verb departir , based on Latin dispertire to divide.

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