Meaning of DISCOVERY in English


/ dɪˈskʌvəri; NAmE / noun ( pl. -ies )


[ C , U ] discovery (of sth) | discovery (that ... ) an act or the process of finding sb/sth, or learning about sth that was not known about before :

the discovery of antibiotics in the 20th century

The discovery of a child's body in the river has shocked the community.

Researchers in this field have made some important new discoveries .

He saw life as a voyage of discovery.

She was shocked by the discovery that he had been unfaithful.

the discovery of new talent in the art world


[ C ] a thing, fact or person that is found or learned about for the first time :

The drug is not a new discovery—it's been known about for years.



mid 16th cent.: from discover , on the pattern of the pair recover , recovery .

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