Meaning of GRADE in English

/ greɪd; NAmE / noun , verb

■ noun


the quality of a particular product or material :

All the materials used were of the highest grade.


a level of ability or rank that sb has in an organization :

salary grades (= levels of pay)

She's still only on a secretarial grade.


a mark given in an exam or for a piece of school work :

( BrE )

She got good grades in her exams.

( NAmE )

She got good grades on her exams.

70% of pupils got Grade C or above.


(in the US school system) one of the levels in a school with children of similar age :

Sam is in (the) second grade.


( technical ) how serious an illness is :

low / high grade fever


( especially NAmE ) = gradient


( BrE ) a level of exam in musical skill


- make the grade

■ verb


grade sth/sb (by / according to sth) | grade sth (as sth) [ often passive ] to arrange people or things in groups according to their ability, quality, size, etc. :

[ vn ]

The containers are graded according to size.

Eggs are graded from small to extra large

Responses were graded from 1 (very satisfied) to 5 (not at all satisfied).

[ vn - adj ]

Ten beaches were graded as acceptable.


( especially NAmE ) to give a mark / grade to a student or to a piece of their written work :

[ vn ]

I spent all weekend grading papers.

[ vn - n ]

The best students are graded A.

—compare mark



early 16th cent.: from French , or from Latin gradus step. Originally used as a unit of measurement of angles (a degree of arc), the term later referred to degrees of merit or quality.

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