Meaning of IDENTIFICATION in English


/ aɪˌdentɪfɪˈkeɪʃn; NAmE / noun


[ U , C ] ( abbr. ID ) the process of showing, proving or recognizing who or what sb/sth is :

The identification of the crash victims was a long and difficult task.

Each product has a number for easy identification.

an identification number

Only one witness could make a positive identification.


[ U ] the process of recognizing that sth exists, or is important :

The early identification of children with special educational needs is very important.


( abbr. ID ) [ U ] official papers or a document that can prove who you are :

Can I see some identification, please?


[ U , C ] identification (with sb/sth) a strong feeling of sympathy, understanding or support for sb/sth :

her emotional identification with the play's heroine

their increasing identification with the struggle for independence


[ U , C ] identification (of sb) (with sb/sth) the process of making a close connection between one person or thing and another :

the voters' identification of the Democrats with high taxes



mid 17th cent.: originally from medieval Latin identificat- identified, from the verb identificare ; later from identify .

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