Meaning of INCLINE in English


verb , noun

■ verb / ɪnˈklaɪn; NAmE / ( formal )


incline (sb) to / towards sth to tend to think or behave in a particular way; to make sb do this :

[ v ]

I incline to the view that we should take no action at this stage.

[ v to inf ]

The government is more effective than we incline to think.

[ vn ]

Lack of money inclines many young people towards crime.

[ vn to inf ]

His obvious sincerity inclined me to trust him.


[ vn ] incline your head to bend your head forward, especially as a sign of agreement, welcome, etc.


incline (sth) (to / towards sth) to lean or slope in a particular direction; to make sth lean or slope :

[ v ]

The land inclined gently towards the shore.

[also vn ]

■ noun

/ ˈɪnklaɪn/ ( formal ) a slope :

a steep / slight incline



Middle English (originally in the sense bend (the head or body) towards something ); formerly also as encline ): from Old French encliner , from Latin inclinare , from in- towards + clinare to bend.

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