Meaning of INCONSISTENT in English


/ ˌɪnkənˈsɪstənt; NAmE / adjective


[ not usually before noun ] inconsistent (with sth) if two statements, etc. are inconsistent , or one is inconsistent with the other, they cannot both be true because they give the facts in a different way :

The report is inconsistent with the financial statements.

The witnesses' statements were inconsistent.


inconsistent with sth not matching a set of standards, ideas, etc. :

Her behaviour was clearly inconsistent with her beliefs.


( disapproving ) tending to change too often; not staying the same :

inconsistent results

Children find it difficult if a parent is inconsistent.

OPP consistent

►  in·con·sis·tency / -ənsi; NAmE / noun [ U , C ] ( pl. -ies ):

There is some inconsistency between the witnesses' evidence and their earlier statements.

I noticed a few minor inconsistencies in her argument.

►  in·con·sis·tent·ly adverb

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