Meaning of INCONSISTENT in English


I. |in+ adjective

Etymology: in- (I) + consistent

1. : lacking consistency : incompatible , incongruous , inharmonious : as

a. of propositions, ideas, beliefs : so related that both or all cannot be true or containing parts so related

inconsistent statements

b. : so related to something premised or understood that it cannot be true if what is thus assumed is true

an inconsistent conclusion

2. of a person

a. : incoherent or illogical in thought or actions : believing incompatibles or acting in incongruous ways

b. : logically inconsequent : lacking in continuity of belief or purpose ; broadly : inconstant , changeable , fickle

3. of aesthetic relations : not handled or developed so as to form a harmonious whole : inconsonant

inconsistent composition

4. : incongruous , incompatible , irreconcilable — used of immaterial qualities

wisdom is not inconsistent with mirth

5. : incompatible 2d

• in·consistently “+ adverb

• in·con·sist·ent·ness noun -es

II. adjective

: not satisfiable by the same set of values for the unknowns

inconsistent equations

inconsistent inequalities

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