Meaning of MUSHROOM in English

/ ˈmʌʃrʊm; NAmE ; -ruːm/ noun , verb

■ noun

a fungus with a round flat head and short stem . Many mushrooms can be eaten :

a field mushroom (= the most common type that is eaten, often just called a 'mushroom', and often grown to be sold)

fried mushrooms

cream of mushroom soup

—see also button mushroom , toadstool

■ verb [ v ]


to rapidly grow or increase in number :

We expect the market to mushroom in the next two years.


(usually go mushrooming ) to gather mushrooms in a field or wood



late Middle English (originally denoting any fungus having a fleshy fruiting body): from Old French mousseron , from late Latin mussirio(n-) .

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