Meaning of NECK in English


/ nek; NAmE / noun , verb

■ noun


[ C ] the part of the body between the head and the shoulders :

He tied a scarf around his neck.

Giraffes have very long necks.

She craned (= stretched) her neck to get a better view.

He broke his neck in the fall.

Somebody's going to break their neck (= injure themselves) on these steps.

—picture at body


[ C ] the part of a piece of clothing that fits around the neck :

What neck size do you take?

—see also crew neck , polo neck , turtleneck , V-neck


-necked (in adjectives) having the type of neck mentioned :

a round-necked sweater

—see also open-necked , stiff-necked


[ C ] neck (of sth) a long narrow part of sth :

the neck of a bottle

a neck of land


[ U ] neck (of sth) the neck of an animal, cooked and eaten :

neck of lamb

—see also bottleneck , redneck , roughneck


- be up to your neck in sth

- by a neck

- get it in the neck

- neck and neck (with sb/sth)

- neck of the woods

—more at block noun , brass , breathe , millstone , pain noun , risk verb , save verb , scruff , stick verb , wring

■ verb

[ v ] (usually be necking ) ( old-fashioned , informal ) when two people are necking , they are kissing each other in a sexual way



Old English hnecca back of the neck , of Germanic origin; related to Dutch nek neck and German Nacken nape.

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