Meaning of NEWS in English


/ njuːz; NAmE nuːz/ noun [ U ]


new information about sth that has happened recently :

What's the latest news?

Have you heard the news? Pat's leaving!

That's great news.

Tell me all your news.

Have you had any news of Patrick?

Any news on the deal?

Messengers brought news that the battle had been lost.

Do you want the good news or the bad news first?

a piece / bit of news

( informal )

It's news to me (= I haven't heard it before) .


reports of recent events that appear in newspapers or on television or radio :

national / international news

a news story / item / report

News of a serious road accident is just coming in.

breaking news (= news that is arriving about events that have just happened)

She is always in the news .

The wedding was front-page news .


the news a regular television or radio broadcast of the latest news :

to listen to / watch the news

Can you put the news on?

I saw it on the news .

the nine o'clock news


a person, thing or event that is considered to be interesting enough to be reported as news :

Pop stars are always news.

—see also newsy


- be bad news (for sb/sth)

- break the news (to sb)

- be good news (for sb/sth)

- no news is good news



late Middle English : plural of new , translating Old French noveles or medieval Latin nova new things.

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